New case studies: website development and blogging

It’s not often that I get around to doing my own marketing, so I’ve been trying to proactively schedule in the time once a week to work on it.

Last week I wrote a couple of new blog posts for publishing at some stage in the future, and this week I’ve written up some case studies, two of which I have published on this site:

  • Margolis – business blogging
    Margolis is a great company that I work with on an ongoing basis. I mainly do copywriting and content management for them, including managing their blogging.
  • Bromley Common Golf Society – website development
    BCGS isn’t technically a client. My husband is one of the co-founders, so he has little choice about where he sources his marketing services! But I have recently redeveloped their website, so I thought I’d write up a small case study about it and let you see the before and after images.

I often write case studies for my clients to showcase their experience or expertise within certain industries. They are perfect as a way of really demonstrating what a company does and how it benefits its clients. Once written, they can be:

    • added to your website as a blog post or separate page
    • designed and printed for:
      – leaving with prospective clients
      – use as takeaways from exhibitions and events
      – direct mailshots to prospects
    • emailed to clients as part of a regular newsletter
    • emailed to prospects as part of a campaign to similar vertical market companies
    • designed as PDFs and added to document-sharing sites like issuu or scribd
    • promoted (with a link to your website) using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (if you have a great photo as part of the case study)
    • sent to your target media as a press release

Just one word of caution: before you publish, don’t forget to get your client’s authorisation for what you’ve written about them. If you need any help with the entire process, Kerrmunications can help you by researching, writing, designing, printing and promoting your case studies. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you a detailed quote. If you just want a fairly straightforward case study written, prices are from £125.





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