Margolis Business Systems: Blogging and blog management


Margolis Business Systems provides solution-based technology for print and document management, via a full range of document workflow solutions, including both software and hardware.  The company is based in Orpington, Kent, and provides document management services to large companies in the South East and across the UK.

The challenge

The Margolis website had a news section, but this had not been added to very frequently and included mainly product-related information.  It looked a little sparse and the content was not as engaging as it could be, so needed to be populated more frequently, adding content that was relevant and engaging for the company’s prospective clients .


Kerrmunications devised a content management plan for the news section of the website.  Claire researched a list of more than 60 topics and also made recommendations about the frequency and regularity of publishing new posts, and advised how they could be promoted using social media and email marketing.

A plan – including a publishing schedule – was agreed, to ensure that news and blog posts were regularly and more frequently written. Kerrmunications writes the blog posts and uploads them to the Margolis website, where they are reviewed by the Margolis directors before publishing.  Images are also sourced and procured, to increase the visual appeal of the posts.


The new blog is now updated regularly and at least two new posts are published each month.  The news section looks fresh and the site is frequently updated with interesting and useful information and comment pieces.  Posts are promoted via social media, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

The blog helps to position Margolis as experts in the document management field and has also added to search engine optimisation efforts (SEO), giving Margolis greater visibility and an increased number of website visits.

This is a selection of blog posts written for Margolis:

Testimonials associated with this project:

Very creative, made me laugh a lot. Maybe you should be writing children’s novels or something … I’ve read it again and my previous comments probably didn’t do it enough justice. It really is an excellent piece and it went down very well in the office.
December 2011
Colin Lashmar, Finance Director, Margolis Business Systems

This is excellent and I have published it this morning. Definitely something we can refer clients to and help differentiate us from the competition.
November 2011
Colin Lashmar, Finance Director, Margolis Business Systems