LinkedIn launches a new mobile phone app

I’ve had a LinkedIn app on my phone for a while now, but it wasn’t particularly useful. It really didn’t do very much and was quite inferior in comparison with apps for other social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. And so I quickly moved it off the main screen of my HTC and pretty much forgot about it.

Yesterday, LinkedIn launched a new, updated app. It’s available for iPhone and Android and I must say, I’m really pleased with it. LinkedIn claims it’s faster and simpler. It’s certainly much faster than it used to be, and it seems very easy to navigate around. But more than that, I think it now has a really fab-looking user-interface and is much more intuitive to use. It also has new content, which will make it the useful app I had hoped the old one would be:

Status updates – it works much more like Facebook and Twitter apps, with status updates that scroll down the screen.

Inbox – you can now access your inbox and reply to messages and requests to connect.

You – this section allows you to look at your profile, add your own status updates and view your connections and their profiles and updates.

People you may know – here you get a list of people that LinkedIn thinks you may know, and you can also invite them to connect.

Groups – you can now access your groups and also interact on them, adding comments and “likes”.

All in all, it’s fab and I would really recommend you download it for your phone, if you haven’t already. My LinkedIn app is once more back on the main screen of my phone!