Social media: are you a newbie or an early adopter?

With the recent launch of Google+ (and no, I don’t have an invite; somebody send me one please!), I have been musing to myself about which social media I have been using the longest. I think my first foray into the social web came when I joined Friends Reunited, some time in 2000. It was probably the first social media site that most people in the UK joined and it remained popular for many years, until Facebook expanded in to the UK and took the social networking top spot.

After that, I joined LinkedIn in June 2006, Facebook in July 2007 and then Twitter in January 2009.

I like to think I’m an early adopter when it comes to all things internet. I worked for a small start-up internet consultancy during the dotcom boom – and the later bust. And I’ve always been a bit of a techie. But, checking those dates, it shows I was quite late:

Icon: linkedin LinkedIn launched in May 2003 – so I was 3 years late

Icon: facebook Facebook launched in February 2004, so again I came to it 3 years later

Icon: twitter Twitter launched in July 2006 – so that’s about 2 and a half years late

How long have you been using various different social media sites? Are you a real newbie or an early adopter? And can anyone tell me what launched around 3 years ago in mid 2008? Because it may just be the next big thing!!