I’m moving this blog

It’s not often that I take a long hard look at my own marketing. I’m usually so busy working on promoting my clients’ businesses that I just don’t have the time. And, to be honest – but without wanting to brag – I don’t really ever need to promote myself; I always have more enquiries than I can handle

But, despite that, I’ve long realised that what I write in this blog is not right for the type of client that I work for. I typically work for businesses and organisations with a turnover in excess of £1 million. They’re large enough to need some co-ordinated marketing, but too small to be able to afford a full-time marketing director.

This blog covers topics that would help someone who cannot afford someone like me and who wants to do their own marketing. My initial thinking was that this blog could therefore act as a nurturer of those readers, who, should they grow, might recall my advice and come to me for my services.

But I recognise that I shouldn’t be writing for potential future clients, especially when it seems I always have plenty of new business enquiries.

On the other hand, this type of content is ideal for smaller businesses, the self-employed, freelancers, people just starting up, and anyone who perhaps is taking on more marketing responsibility in their role. And that audience is precisely what would be right for my Marketing in One Day courses that I run.

So, I’m abandoning this blog, as many a business has done before me! I may move over some of the more general content that isn’t out of date, but otherwise the posts will stay.

If you subscribe to this blog and find it useful, please consider visiting my new Marketing in One Day blog and subscribing to that. If you receive my blog roundup email updates, you will still do so, as I will just transfer the email list over.

Thanks for reading until now – and I hope to still be in touch via the new blog.