It’s cookie deadline day – what have you done?

OK, so the day is finally here.

What have you done to comply – or at least show that you are attempting to comply – with the EU Directive on cookies?

For my own part, I’ve been back and forth over the last few weeks, and have looked at the law in detail and what solutions are available.

I’ve implemented several solutions – only to be disappointed by them.

My latest solution is what you can see now on this page. It’s a top bar (a WordPress plugin called Easy Heads Up Bar) that I have linked to my all-new cookie policy, which I created thanks to a great (free) tool from Attacat.

I’m sure the ICO won’t be out to get little old me for non-compliance, but as a marketer, I feel I must set an example. I think the extra pop-ups and notifications will do nothing for the user experience – and that irks me as a marketer and as a surfer. But, I have complied. My solution doesn’t adhere to the strict letter of the (original) law, but now that the law has been relaxed so that it talks about “implied consent”, I think what I’ve done is OK. And my solution is similar to that on the BBC and McDonald’s sites, so if it’s good enough for them, it certainly is good enough for me and for my clients.

Photo credit: Superfloss / Kasey Albano