Marketing in One Day: Website development


Marketing in One Day runs marketing training workshops in Croydon for business owners, freelancers,  sole-trader and entrepreneurs. The courses teach the delegates how to create effective social media campaigns and run promotional activities that will engage prospects and bring in additional business.

The challenge

I set up Marketing in One Day with a friend who was also a self-employed marketer in 2009. I built a website for the business, but it wasn’t hosted on its own domain, and was built in HTML and CSS.

We didn’t ever get as far as running any courses because my associate took on a permanent job instead. So the site just sat there not doing much for two and a half years.

In early 2012, I decided to pick up on Marketing in One Day once again. By now the site was looking dated and I realised that, because of the way it was hosted, it wasn’t easily found by the search engines, so wasn’t ranking anywhere in the organic search results.


Because Marketing in One Day is my own site, I was able to develop it very quickly, because I could make all the decisions I needed to immediately.

I set the domain up with its own hosting account and configured all the email associated with it.

I then completed redesigned the site and built it on WordPress, utilising SEO-friendly URL naming and incorporating social media links and feeds. The site was created, designed, built and uploaded within a day!

I also verified the site using Bing and Google’s webmaster tools, and almost immediately the site was crawled and indexed by the search engines.


I launched the new course dates using an email marketing campaign to some of my existing contacts. Within the first day of the site going live, I had already sold a number of places on the first course.

The site now appears in search engine listings – although there is some future SEO work to be done to get it to rank more highly for its keywords, and I may add a blog too, if I get the time to write some posts.

More than anything, though, the site now looks much more up to date and is much easier to maintain.