Poll: what are your biggest marketing challenges?

I was speaking with a potential new client the other day and he was rattling off his marketing challenges – he had lots! And this made me think about what challenges are typically faced in marketing a business. I know what my clients face, because it’s my job to try to alleviate and overcome them. But I wondered if their challenges are typical. To try to answer that, I’m conducting a poll.

So, whether you employed as a marketer in a business, or run your own company, do let me know what challenges you face. Please complete the poll and feel free to comment below. I’d be grateful if you’d pass it round to your business associates too.

By the way, it’s a multiple choice and you can select more than one answer. I can’t see your individual answers either, so it’s completely anonymous. It ends in a week, so if you’re here and it’s gone 8th July 2011, you were too late!