Twitter unveils a new look

Twitter has launched a new look as of today.

The simplified design will carry across all Twitter-access platforms. It is available straight away on mobile versions, and will be rolled out over the next few weeks for the web and Tweetdeck versions.

If you go to, you can check out the new look in full, but basically there are five new sections:

Home – this is the timeline, where you can see the tweets from people you follow. A major change is that media such as video and pictures are now embedded in the tweets.

Connect – this section is where you can converse. Here you will find @ mentions and and details of who has followed you, or retweeted or favourited your tweets.

Discover – this is where you can find friends and where Twitter suggests whom you might like to follow. A new feature also uses your information such as who you follow, your location, and the content of your tweets to customise content for you.

Me – this profile section is all about you and is where you can edit your details and see your own tweets and DMs.

Tweet – finally, there is a tweet button – which is self-explanatory really!


If you can’t wait for the new version to roll out to you, just download the new application for either iPhone or Android and you will automatically get the updated version for PC. I haven’t had a play as yet, so I’m off to download for Android right now and see what I think of the changes.

BTW – I love the “home” icon – it’s a birdhouse – great, consistent branding!



  1. Chris says:

    Have pulled an Android app and the new iPhone app in Claire, no desktop version yet! I need to start creating these, don’t Twitter understand how important I am?

    • Claire Kerr says:


      I had the same. Waited about twenty minutes, signing in and out, but nothing. Then I closed the browser completely and reopened it and it was there!

      I like it so far. I especially like the mobile version as I can sign in as my 6 or 7 different accounts and switch between them without having to log in again.

  2. Ade says:

    In all this version is an improvement, however, I wish the ‘discover’ feature could be turned off [especially on the mobile version] – for one thing it is predicated on the belief that the entire world is interested in the trivia of American life.

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