Navigating the Twitterverse

According to Twitter, there are apparently more than a million apps and widgets that connect to Twitter, making it more useful or more easy to use. There are platforms for reading and scheduling tweets; directories listing people by interest or location; apps to help you search; software that will add polls or surveys; and reporting tools that monitor trends, conversations and engagement on Twitter.

That’s one hell of a minefield. How do you find out what all the apps are and which are useful? For some time now, I have been referring clients to a great blog post by a Spanish social media commentator, who lists 205 Twitter apps (you may want to ask your browser to translate it!)

And I was aware that Brian Solis – he who created the  Conversation Prism – had been involved in creating an infographic that mapped the various tools in the Twitterverse. But it was a detailed image, and I didn’t really ever have the patience to look at all the tools, then write down the ones that seemed interesting and then look them up.

But now I have discovered that social media company oneforty created a clickable image of the Twitterverse a while ago, thus making it mush easier to use. When you see an app that you might want to know more about, you can click on it and you’re taken to oneforty’s site where it tells you all you need to know about the app: what it does and what it’s good for.

Happily, they provide the code for it, so if you click on the image below a larger, clickable image will open – enjoy your travels around the Twitterverse!




Image at top: Takemoto’s Nebula, courtesy of stock.xchng



  1. Kip says:

    Was reading an article earlier about too many people relying on social media sites that hold their info, ie blogger, wordpress (unhosted) etc, yet we need the tools above to share what we have to say, or what the people need to see (I feel like Citizen Smith!), so not sure why these came under fire too! Tools like the ones above are awesome, and love that they are all in one pretty (yes, I like graphics) place! Instead of some boring blog of top 10 tools!

    Love it!

  2. mark pitts says:

    Twitter is useful, still trying to target the right use for it now we want to do more consultancy work.